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They elude us all by finding ways of disrupting our everyday lives be it at work or at home.  How many times have you been on your internet browser and all of the sudden, WHAM!  A virus hits your Desktop or Laptop?  This is an every day occurrence and should never be taken lightly.  All to common the average PC user gains a virus that is produced without their even knowing how it originated.  Believe it or not, the majority of viruses are generated through unsecured visited websites and email correspondence. 

GNMCR takes pride in beating virus definitions.  We learn the skills it takes to dissolve numerous types of viruses on a daily basis.  GNMCR mainstreams the aftermath of a virus and produces a proper fix (not a temporary fix), in that we are consistent in providing an adequate security protection for your Desktop or Laptop.  GNMCR recommends staying away from, Shareware, Adware, Spyware and the best advice GNMCR can possibly give you regarding security protection is a simple rule of knowledge known to be:

If you are running Microsoft dominant software on your computer then use a Microsoft based Virus & Security software as your protection.  For example: Microsoft Essentials is the current means to protect your PC’s or Laptops and it is provided by Microsoft absolutely FREE.  Stay away from second & third party virus software like MacAfee, Norton or anything that is not produced by Microsoft.

We highly recommend downloading malwarebytes trial version at and running a complete scan and then the cleaning process before installing any virus protection on your PC’s or Laptops.  Then run the malwarebytes again after you install your choice of virus protection.

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Y R U Still Double Clicking Your Way Through Windows?

Does it really take two clicks of a mouse to open up a program on your computer? Heck No!!! 

Here is how you setup your mouse (ANY MOUSE) to work off of just ONE CLICK.  Go to your Control Panel & select Folder Options, select the General Tab, then in the category “Click Items as Follows”, click your mouse on the empty round circle next to “Single Click to Open an Item”.  Click Apply and then Click OK and your done.  No more clickety click...just ‘CLICK’.